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We vet each breeder individually, ensuring that their breeding practices are upheld by a certain moral platitude.

Ethical practices

All relevant KCI information, along with a certificate of healthy by a trusted vet will be provided.

Health & Pedigree

All our partners are registered with AWBI & KCI, signifying that they are legally providing purebred dogs.


We prioritize the health and well-being of our pups;  be it related to transportation, rehoming, or care.

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Welcoming Pluto into my life was so special, and thanks to FluffPup not only was it stress-free but also easy and reliable!

Ishita Jhunjhunwala & Pluto the Lab

Thank you FluffPup for introducing me to my baby girl! She is the sweetest puppy and the apple of my eye <3

Kinshuk Jain & Hazel the Toy Poodle

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