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Tips for First-Time Dog Owners


The feeling of bringing home a puppy is unparalleled. The joy, wonder, love, and burst of other emotions are indescribable. Having a new, precious life in your home can make you feel overwhelmed. You might suddenly begin to feel intimidated by the various, new responsibilities this joy entails. Do not worry, all first-time dog owners experience a similar set of emotions, and soon you become acquainted with the different ways to give your pup the best care. FluffPup tries to make this experience as stress-free and fulfilling as possible, so we’ve put together a series of articles on some of the most important things first-time dog owners should know. 

In this blog, we’ve shared a number of important tips for all first-time dog owners.


The First Step- Choosing The Right Dog

Which are the best dogs for first-time dog owners? This is something you’re bound to wonder before deciding what kind of furry friend you’d like to bring into your life. To decide this, consider several factors. Self-awareness is a rare but important trait, and this comes in handy while selecting a breed. Be completely honest with yourself about the time you can devote, the resources you have to spare, and the quality of overall care you can provide. Take a step back and try to objectively examine your lifestyle. You might feel like you’re trying to fill in a questionnaire on a matchmaking site, but even to get a dog this is extremely important. Look at the big picture, and do your research well. If you’re someone who is extremely active and spends the weekends going trekking or on other expeditions, you can’t choose a dog like a French bulldog or a pug that can’t endure too much physical activity. These are dogs that will be good companions to those who like their leisure time, both dog and parent should enjoy lounging around. If you have a big family and children, then select a dog with a naturally outgoing and loving personality, who would be delighted to give plenty of love to your kids. Some dogs, like Labradors and Golden Retrievers, are naturally people pleasers and are a favorite among kids because of their affectionate disposition. They are the extroverts and ‘popular kids’ of dog breeds. So if you’re wondering which are the best dogs for first-time dog owners, there’s no definitive answer. That is subjective, and you must take a good look at yourself and decide which breed would suit you. Don’t make either you or your dog compromise on what suits them best!

Do Your Research

Be mentally prepared for an adjustment period that might be stressful. You might feel initially that you’ve unleashed an adorable albeit destructive little demon in your home, but that perception will fade away once your dog has had ample time to settle in and get used to new ways. Life is unpredictable, and so is the behavior of a pup in a new home. Perhaps he’ll be calm until he’s accustomed to your home, and when he is he’ll unveil the monster within. Maybe it’ll be the other way around. Who knows? Just enjoy the ride and the surprises along the way.

Once you’ve selected the dog you want, there’s a lot more for you to learn. Educate yourself on the particular needs of that breed. Familiarize yourself with the other steps in the process of raising a dog. A little research, for example, reading the blogs and guides FluffPup makes for you, like how to properly walk your dog, how to battle food aggression, and how to properly bathe your dog, will be extremely helpful and tell you what to expect, in spite of the inherent unpredictability of the process, and how to prepare.

Find A Vet

One of the first things you do when you bring a puppy home takes them to a vet. Find a vet who has ample experience and all the correct certifications. In addition to the right paperwork and qualifications, the little things such as whether or not they have a team that is quick to respond, readily available in case of emergencies if they have a clean and hygienic clinic, are all important considerations.

Stock Up!

After doing your research and consulting a vet, you should stock up on all the essentials you’ll require for your pup's arrival. The basic equipment such as a feeding bowl, dog bed, a leash, collar, toys, training mats, and a crate, should all be ready so that once your fur baby is here, you can actually enjoy spending time with him instead of frantically arranging all the things you need. 

Food for Thought (and for your Pup)

It’s essential to select the correct food for the pup and keep it ready for its arrival. Understand what the best food is for their breed. The health of your puppy is largely dependent on its diet and nutrition. They’re extra sensitive and vulnerable because of their young age, so treat this with a lot of importance. Don’t feed them anything which might be unsafe- it’s great to be an adventurous eater and have a sophisticated palate, but this is not the time to be experimental! 

Train and Maintain

The first few months of training are crucial. Be prepared to have a few mishaps and accidents which your pup might cause initially. Consistent training will teach them how to peacefully and non-destructively be in your home. So be mentally prepared for a few months of training, and look up the various ways in which you can help your pup adjust smoothly. 

It Takes A Village

If you’re a first-time dog owner, it’s important to establish a support system to turn to, not only in times of emergencies but also on a regular basis. By this, we mean having a good vet nearby, and if required, a walker, groomer, and a doggy daycare or dog sitter if required. If you’re a family who loves to travel, you should be aware of the arrangements you can make in a scenario where your dog can’t accompany you. That’s why having a reliable dog sitter or dog creche is important.

Fluffpup is a reliable and trustable dog breeder in India that provides high-quality puppies with ease and convenience. We are committed to making pet care safe, affordable, and easy for every pet parent. Check out our different dog breeds and let FluffPup help you in choosing your mate. 

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