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About their practices

Brijesh Nair is an IT professional who breeds dogs as his passion rather than for monetary gain. He specializes in breeding Labradors and his studs have won some of the highest accolades available in the international dog show circuit. One of his studs is a direct descendant of a world champion. He is located in Pune and has black and cream Labs available for sale. He is dedicated to breeding the best quality Labradors and always prioritizes the health and well-being of his pups over any monetary gain. He is an experienced breeder and has an in-depth knowledge of the breed, which is reflected in the quality of the Labradors that he produces. He is dedicated to providing the best living conditions for his dogs, with spacious kennels, plenty of exercise, and proper veterinary care.

Brijesh Nair

Pune, Maharashtra, India


AWBI & KCI Registered