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About their practices

Mahesh Balasaheb Jawalkar is one of India’s premier dog breeders - specializing in ethically bred Belgian Malinois, which he keeps on his 30,000 square foot plot of land. The dogs are imported from countries such as Vietnam, and posses such superior bloodlines that they regularly go into police & military service. They are trained and cared for by experienced handlers, with a focus on developing their physical and mental capabilities to the fullest potential. The kennel prides itself on providing a high standard of living for their dogs, including spacious kennels, plenty of exercise and training, and proper veterinary care. The Belgian Malinois are highly sought after for their intelligence, trainability, and versatility in a wide range of roles such as police, military, and personal protection.

Jalwakar Kennel

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Belgian Malinois

KCI Certified, AWBI Pending