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Based out of Wagadaon Sheri, Pune - James Ullagaddi is one of Maharashtra's only AWBI-certified breeders specializing in show line Golden Retrievers.
He had started his kennel Alena Pets Kennel in 1997 and has experience working with breeds like Great Dane, German shepherd, Labrador, Cocker spaniel, pug, French Bulldog, Bull mastiffs and British Bulldogs.
His pups are a regular showcase at KCI events across the country, and almost all his studs have been awarded KCI champion status. James encourages clients to visit his kennel prior to purchase of the pup, and would be glad to show you around and if you're lucky he might even let you meet his dogs.

James Ullagaddi

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Golden Retriever

AWBI & KCI Registered


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The mother and father of this Golden Retriever litter comes from strong championship lines.

James Ullagaddi

Golden Retriever litter available

Golden Retriever litter available

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