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About their practices

Oogway kennels, owned by Kalarikal Johnson, is a dog kennel located in Nashik, India that specializes in the following breeds - Great Dane, Boxer, Labrador, Golden Retriever. The kennel is certified with Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and Kennel Club of India (KCI) bodies, ensuring that their breeding practices and facilities meet the highest standards of animal welfare. The kennel is well known for the love and compassion provided to their puppies and is run by experienced handlers who provide the best care for their dogs, ensuring proper exercise and training. The kennel is dedicated to providing the best living conditions for their dogs, with spacious kennels and proper veterinary care. The breeds they work with are known for their good temperament, trainability and intelligence, and are highly sought after by dog enthusiasts across the country. The Great Danes are known for their size and strength, and Labradors for their loyalty and friendly nature.

Oogway Kennel

Nashik, Maharashtra, India


AWBI & KCI Registered