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Adv. Shravani Pitre and her partner Derrick Vivian are based in Goa, and follow ethical breeding practices for their breeds including French Bulldogs, Boxers, Jack Russell Terriers, Corgis etc. They are avid dog lovers who treats their dogs like they are part of her family. Shade’s Kennel was one of the first people to import Jack Russell Terriers to India and has sold her puppies to celebrities & industrialists across the country (contact Shravani to find out more). The kennel has a lot of champion certified pups and Shravani’s living room is overflowing with medals, certificates, and trophies - which are a testament to the quality of breeding and care that the dogs receive. The kennel is dedicated to providing the best living conditions for their dogs, with spacious kennels, plenty of exercise, and proper veterinary care.

Shade's Kennel

Goa, India

French Bulldog & more

AWBI & KCI Registered


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These French Bulldogs come from very strong import bloodlines and have been bred with their health issues in mind.

Shade's Kennel

French Bulldog pups available

French Bulldog pups available

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