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Dogs for sale in Chennai.

Get in touch with Chennai's best dog breeders to buy a healthy, well-bred puppy near you now.

How do I purchase a dog?

At FluffPup, it is our priority to make it as easy and reliable as possible to buy a puppy online. Read through our simple 5 step process to add a fluffy friend to your family:


Connect with us directly, through this link. You will be asked to provide some basic information, after which we may find the perfect pup for you. If you need help deciding which pup is right for you, please refer to our breed select quiz.


Based on your requirements, we will connect you with the best possible breeders. They shall share all relevant information, including pictures and the age, gender, pedigree of all puppies available.


Given that you are satisfied with the dogs that are available, you now have the option to either visit the kennel in person and meet the puppies, or view the pups in real time over a video call.


Upon confirmation, you may pay an advance to the breeder and schedule a delivery / pickup date. Please do not buy any puppy younger than 50 days old, and always ask for the first DHPP vaccination to be administered prior to delivery.


You will receive your puppy along with a health certificate. The breeder will apply to have you registered as the new owner of the puppy with KCI prior to pickup / delivery, and you may ask for a copy of the receipt and the parent's KCI documentation for proof. Please leave us a review so we know how we did!

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Can't find the right breeder?

Finding the right breeder is not always easy. It is, however, vital to get a puppy from somebody you trust. Not only does this assure you about the health & quality of the puppy, but also let's you sleep easy at night knowing that the puppy was raised in a safe and loving environment.

We are here to help you find the best puppy, from the best kennel. Get in touch with us now, if you would like us to help!

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