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Named after King Charles I & II, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was the royal dog of Britain in the mid-1600s. Shortly after the death of Charles II this breed descending from toy spaniels, slowly starting weaning in popularity and pie-faced dogs like the pug starting becoming trendier. 

Slowly these toy spaniels were bred with those dogs to get what is now known as the English Toy Spaniel. A wealthy American by the name of Roswell Eldridge incentivized British breeders to recreate the breed of dogs that he saw in old paintings, and thus the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was born (named as such to differentiate it from the King Charles, or English Toy Spaniel).


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is about as clingy as they come, with a very dependent personality type - they require to be around their loved ones at all times and often suffer from extreme separation anxiety. 

Extremely affectionate and good with family members and strangers alike, they may not be the best guard dogs but are fantastic around children, elders and as family pets in general. 

Being a Spaniel, they love to chase smaller animals and birds, so if they are left in the open make sure they cannot jump over the fence.


Early socialization is essential for these puppies, as they may get overly attached to and protective of one person if not socialized correctly. They may also be extremely wary / scared of other dogs if they aren’t introduced to them at an early age. 

Sporting a gorgeous wavy coat that is silkier than most others, King Charles Spaniel's are seasonal shedders. Make sure you groom them at least once every 2 days (specially during shedding season) to keep their coat healthy and free of matting. 

Avoid coddling these pups too much as well - since they may develop tendencies to get jealous of interactions between members of the family, and behave poorly in order to garner attention.


Importance of KCI

Also known as the Kennel Club of India, KCI is a professional body that maintains strict standards across various breeds of dogs across India. All KCI registered dogs come with a KCI registration certificate from the breeder, ensuring their pedigree. KCI representative may also visit the breeder at the time of whelping to ensure maintenance of breed standards. 
As the only reputed governing body of dog breed standards, we always recommend getting a dog that has been registered through this organization in order to have clarity regarding their origin. 

This does, however not ensure the conditions the pup was reared in or in what manner their parents might have been treated. This concern is what brings us to our next point: AWBI Certification

Significance of AWBI

The Animal Welfare Board of India requires that any individual selling any living dog must be registered with the animal welfare state board of their jurisdiction. In not doing so, both the buyer and seller are committing a crime.

Since this amendment was passed, it became illegal to buy / sell dogs without the breeder being the valid, original holder of an AWBI license. Apart from this judicial responsibility, AWBI also has strict guidelines regarding the conditions that the dogs must be kept in and the treatment provided to them. These guidelines make sure breeders follow responsible breeding practices  Due to these reasons, we strictly work only with AWBI registered breeders, and implore you to do the same.

How can you make a difference?

Ensure that you only work with AWBI registered breeders, and if you're looking for a purebred dog try to find one that is KCI registered. By forcing the breeders to obtain a license, we may finally put an end to puppy mills and unethical breeding practices.

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Connect with us through our contact page. You will be asked to provide some basic information, after which we may find the perfect pup for you. If you need help deciding which pup is right for you, please refer to our pet parent questionnaire.


You may browse & choose from one of the many responsibly bred & pedigreed pups available; or if nothing fits the bill - we will find the right one for you (applicable to a ₹250 pet finding fee - see details).


Once the perfect pup is found - we will schedule a call for you to see the pup in real time and have any burning questions answered.


Given that you are satisfied with all aspects of the puppy, delivery / pickup will be scheduled according to your convenience. You may make the payment via UPI, NEFT, or RTGS - post which your pup shall be dispatched within 3 days.


Given that you are satisfied with all aspects of the puppy, delivery / pickup will be scheduled according to your convenience. You may make the payment via UPI, NEFT, or RTGS - post which your pup shall be dispatched within 3 days.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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