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Owning a Shih Tzu, is similar to owning a piece of Chinese history. Imperial breeders in the palace of the Chinese emperor developed the Shih Tzu (meaning “lion dog”) centuries ago most likely by crossing two of Tibet's even more ancient breeds - the Lhasa Apso and the Pekingese.  The breed remained hidden behind palace walls, virtually unknown to the outside world, until the1930s. Subsequently, breed clubs formed in Peking and later England further refining the breed.

Legend has it that the Buddha was out for a walk with his dog one day, when several robbers came upon him with the intent of robbing and murdering him. His tiny dog, bearing a striking resemblance to the Shih Tzu, changed into a ferocious lion and ran off the robbers - saving Buddha's life. The lion then turned back into a fun-loving little dog, which the Buddha picked up and kissed. The white spot on the heads of many Shih Tzus supposedly marks the place where Buddha kissed his loyal friend.


Coming from a regal lineage, being kept as royal pets in China for centuries, one might assume that they have a snobby & bumptious attitude. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Shih Tzus are beautiful, but they are also friendly, lively, devoted companions.

Highly adaptable by nature, you can keep this cute furball in your apartment or leave him in a park to roam around (due to their tiny stature, it is recommended that they are constantly under supervision).

Shih Tzu's weren't bred to hunt, herd, or guard - they were bred with the sole purpose of being the perfect companion for any person. Staying true to their purpose they get along terrifically with children, strangers, and dogs alike.


A great option for any potential pet parent fearing dog-related allergies, the Shih Tzu is hypoallergenic. This trait is owed to the fact that they don't have fur, but rather hair, which very rarely sheds. The tradeoff for this wonderful, long, double coat of hair is that they require regular grooming. Without proper coat maintenance their hair is succeptible to matting which can prove to be extremely discomforting and even painful for the pup.

As impossibly charming as this breed may be, regular training is vital as they have a reputation for being mischevious when not properly socialized or trained. Due to their sensitive, people pleasing nature it is recommended that you only use positive reinforcement on this dog as harsh words may result in an adverse effect.

Due to the flat shape of the Shih Tzu's face, they are particularly vulnerable to heat strokes, because the air going into the lungs isn't cooled as efficiently as it is among longer-nosed breeds. They should be kept in an air-conditioning room during the hot summer season.


Importance of KCI

Also known as the Kennel Club of India, KCI is a professional body that maintains strict standards across various breeds of dogs across India. All KCI registered dogs come with a KCI registration certificate from the breeder, ensuring their pedigree. KCI representative may also visit the breeder at the time of whelping to ensure maintenance of breed standards. 
As the only reputed governing body of dog breed standards, we always recommend getting a dog that has been registered through this organization in order to have clarity regarding their origin. 

This does, however not ensure the conditions the pup was reared in or in what manner their parents might have been treated. This concern is what brings us to our next point: AWBI Certification

Significance of AWBI

The Animal Welfare Board of India requires that any individual selling any living dog must be registered with the animal welfare state board of their jurisdiction. In not doing so, both the buyer and seller are committing a crime.

Since this amendment was passed, it became illegal to buy / sell dogs without the breeder being the valid, original holder of an AWBI license. Apart from this judicial responsibility, AWBI also has strict guidelines regarding the conditions that the dogs must be kept in and the treatment provided to them. These guidelines make sure breeders follow responsible breeding practices  Due to these reasons, we strictly work only with AWBI registered breeders, and implore you to do the same.

How can you make a difference?

Ensure that you only work with AWBI registered breeders, and if you're looking for a purebred dog try to find one that is KCI registered. By forcing the breeders to obtain a license, we may finally put an end to puppy mills and unethical breeding practices.

Want to purchase this pup? Follow our simple 5 step process!


Connect with us through our contact page. You will be asked to provide some basic information, after which we may find the perfect pup for you. If you need help deciding which pup is right for you, please refer to our pet parent questionnaire.


You may browse & choose from one of the many responsibly bred & pedigreed pups available; or if nothing fits the bill - we will find the right one for you (applicable to a ₹250 pet finding fee - see details).


Once the perfect pup is found - we will schedule a call for you to see the pup in real time and have any burning questions answered.


Given that you are satisfied with all aspects of the puppy, delivery / pickup will be scheduled according to your convenience. You may make the payment via UPI, NEFT, or RTGS - post which your pup shall be dispatched within 3 days.


Given that you are satisfied with all aspects of the puppy, delivery / pickup will be scheduled according to your convenience. You may make the payment via UPI, NEFT, or RTGS - post which your pup shall be dispatched within 3 days.

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Shih Tzu

Import & Champion bloodlines


Banuchandra is located in Goa, India and has a reputation for breeding some of India's most recognizable Rottweilers and Mudhol Hounds, both of which have appeared on the Indian Kennel Gazette in the past. Breeding Shih Tzu's and Bichon Frise of late, his pups can be spotted regularly winning dog shows across the country. Known for his ethical breeding practices and always prioritizing the health and well-being of his pups over any monetary gain, he is a respected breeder in the dog breeding community and has a great knowledge of different breeds and their characteristics. He regularly travels to Bangalore and can find you any breed of superior quality that you desire within Karnataka or Maharashtra. He is known for his professionalism and dedication to providing the best possible care for his dogs.

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