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Neeta Godambe

One of India’s foremost AWBI-licensed breeders, and likely the only legitimate Havanese breeder in West India, Neeta Godambe is famous for her high quality breed standard. 
She assisted MAWB with amending their laws, she is widely regarded as an expert in her field.

Having raised countless thoroughbred Havanese litters through the years, there is no questioning Mrs.Godambe’s methods. Unlike your typical dog breeder - not only does she consider her pups to be family but also treats them as such. All her dogs reside in her house, and even have a room dedicated to them.

Obtaining a puppy from Neeta's gaggle would ensure that you are welcoming home a pup who comes from the best possible environment, and is of the highest possible quality.

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Beautiful new Havanese litter touched down on 06/07/20222

Available for transportation from 01/09/2022


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