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Despite being boisterous and lively, the Pug is a low-maintenance pet that is perfect for senior people. They make a wonderful choice for apartment residents as well because they are a petite, quiet breed and are not very active indoors. If your Pug doesn't receive a walk or some fun, be prepared for some goofy antics to keep you interested because of their small size, which hides a lot of activity. However, because they are sensitive to heat and humidity, you should make sure your Pug doesn't spend too much time outside if you live in a hot or humid area. Due to the propensity of Pugs to snore, light sleepers may also want to invest in a pair of earplugs.


Expecting a pug to hunt, guard, or retrieve is unrealistic. Pugs were developed as companions, and that is what they excel at. The Pug gets quite upset if his loyalty isn't returned and demands your lap. He is typically a sedentary dog and is pleased to watch a movie or read a book while sitting on your lap. This does not imply that the Pug is an idiot. On the contrary. He is a humorous, energetic dog who loves to party and entertains his owner with ridiculous antics. Like any dogs, pugs require early socialisation, or being exposed to a variety of sights, noises, and experiences when they're young. In order to guarantee that your Pug puppy develops into a well-rounded dog, socialisation is important.


Pugs were first domesticated in China during the Han era (B.C. 206 to A.D. 200). China started conducting business with European nations in the later half of the 1500s and the early 1600s. According to legend, the first Pugs to be transported to Europe were brought by Dutch traders, who gave the breed the still-used name Mopshond. Pugs swiftly rose to popularity in royal residences across Europe, and many of these dynasties even included pugs in their histories. Queen Victoria owned a large number of pugs and also bred them. Pugs were brought to the country during the Civil War, and the American Kennel Club officially recognised the breed in 1885. Pugs were initially quite well-liked, but by the turn of the century, sentiment had changed. 

A few devoted breeders persisted in breeding, and after a while, the breed's popularity returned. The Pug Dog Club of America was established in 1931 and received AKC approval in the same year.

Importance of KCI

Also known as the Kennel Club of India, KCI is a professional body that maintains strict standards across various breeds of dogs across India. All KCI registered dogs come with a KCI registration certificate from the breeder, ensuring their pedigree. KCI representative may also visit the breeder at the time of whelping to ensure maintenance of breed standards. 
As the only reputed governing body of dog breed standards, we always recommend getting a dog that has been registered through this organization in order to have clarity regarding their origin. 

This does, however not ensure the conditions the pup was reared in or in what manner their parents might have been treated. This concern is what brings us to our next point: AWBI Certification

How can you make a difference?

Ensure that you only work with AWBI registered breeders, and if you're looking for a purebred dog try to find one that is KCI registered. By forcing the breeders to obtain a license, we may finally put an end to puppy mills and unethical breeding practices.

The Animal Welfare Board of India requires that any individual selling any living dog must be registered with the animal welfare state board of their jurisdiction. In not doing so, both the buyer and seller are committing a crime.

Since this amendment was passed, it became illegal to buy / sell dogs without the breeder being the valid, original holder of an AWBI license. Apart from this judicial responsibility, AWBI also has strict guidelines regarding the conditions that the dogs must be kept in and the treatment provided to them. These guidelines make sure breeders follow responsible breeding practices  Due to these reasons, we strictly work only with AWBI registered breeders, and implore you to do the same.

Significance of AWBI

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FOLLOW-UP CALL - After we conduct our introductory call, a short call will be scheduled between you and the breeder of the puppy. We partner with the most responsible breeders, and want there to be full transparency on that end. Along with us, our partner breeders will assist you with any enquiries you may have and provide guidance regarding the pup's care.

PAYMENT - Congratulations on taking the final step!  We couldn’t be more excited for your new life with your fluff pup. Just complete the payment process (the funds will be stored securely with us until you have given us the green light that you have received what was advertised).

TRANSPORTATION - Depending on your preferred method, we will reach out to coordinate the transportation of your pup.

  • Pickups are fairly straightforward where we let you know where you must go.

  • Delivery varies depending upon method of transportation. To prevent the puppy from facing trauma, we cap road and rail journeys to 6 hours. Beyond this time point, we only permit air transport.

RECEIVE - Our puppy will arrive at your doorstep with a health certificate from a trusted veterinarian, and some FluffPup swag for you to deck them out in(coming soon). Hold on, don't forget us so quick! our journey with you does not end here. If you have any queries related to health and nutrition of the puppy, or just want some advise on raising them, Fluffpup will always be by your side to help out!

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